Skills, tools and activities

Current scientific interests
Communication science:
Social media; Political communication; Journalism; Television audience research; Public opinion research; Agenda setting research; Information diffusion; Information cascades; Social contagion; Media in South Korea, Japan and China; Social capital; Online expressions about ethnic minorities.
Network analysis; Machine learning; Longitudinal analysis; Cross-national comparative research.
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Journal activities
Member of the editorial board of New Media & Society
Guest editor of New Media & Society special issue The state of online campaigning in politics
Reviewer of manuscripts for several academic journals:

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Main analytical software I use
Basically, nowadays I'm doing all my analyses in R, using the following techniques:

  • Generalized lineair regression (GLM)
  • Generalized Linear Mixed-Effects Model (GLMER)
  • Automated content analysis
  • Topic modeling
  • Factor/component analysis (including HOMALS and correspondence analysis)
  • Network analysis (ERGM)
  • Structural Equations Modeling
  • Social media data collection (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Multi-dimensional scaling techniques
  • Web scraping and web crawling
  • Survey design
  • Longitudinal analysis: e.g. Panel design, Repeated cross-sectional design, Time series analysis, Growth curve analysis

I have experience with the following software packages, but I don't use the very often anymore:

  • R and Rstudio
  • SPSS
  • MLWin
  • Pajek
  • UCINet
  • MS Access/SQL
  • Limesurvey

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Main methods and techniques I use